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State Law mandates that County Sheriffs are responsible for recovery of drowned persons. The Lake County dive team consists of 20 members and they are the sole underwater search and recovery team in Lake County. In addition to the recovery of drowned persons, the team also is crucial in recovery of criminal evidence and/or property put in the water to avoid detection. Through County and State funding, along with local donations, the team is outfitted and trained with the latest equipment and technology. The Lake County Dive team is available for operations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

As first reports are received that a drowning has occurred or a victim is missing, homicide victim or evidence is believed to be located underwater, the team is activated and the dive team leader would proceed to the area where water is to be searched. After making assessment of water depth, clarity, credibility of information received, associated risks to divers, a determination is then made on how to proceed with a search plan. Various methods of searches are performed, which will lead to successful recovery while minimizing the dangers to the Sheriff's Dive Team members.

Dive team members are selected based on their S.C.U.B.A. skill levels and their coping abilities underwater in confined spaces. The diver's ability to function in zero visibility conditions, while encapsulated in a rubber suit, under duress, is also used for selection of members.  All team members receive training and could progress up through the certification program of Master Diver. The team trains monthly and also trains with other agencies.


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