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Recreational Safety & Law Enforcement Division

The soaring popularity of Lake County, Michigan as an “Up North” recreational haven has heightened the ORV and Snowmobiling activity levels on the more than 300 miles of designated DNR and USFS maintained trails which wind throughout Lake County. This Trail System provides off-road access to the thousands of acres of State and Federal Forest land, and the abundant natural attractions that lie within them. Adding to the appeal of outdoor enthusiasts, are the recreational watercraft opportunities which can be experienced upon many of the 156 lakes and 47 designated trout streams & rivers within the borders of Lake County.

With thousands of people visiting the county comes the increase of recreational traffic, and the need to provide greater public safety, public education, and specialized law enforcement officers with specific training in the areas of Marine, ORV, and Snowmobile Safety & Enforcement, in order to keep pace with ever-changing social attitudes, administrative rules, user fees, restrictions, and legal updates associated with each of the respective recreational sports. Officer Training and Seasonal Patrol costs are afforded through funding from State/Federal Grants, and facilitated through the DNR.

Know your Sport……Know your Equipment…….Know the Law!

Whether your recreational sport of choice is Boating, ORV riding, or Snowmobiling, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as an operator, to become familiar with the sport, capable in the use of all associated equipment, and maintain a thorough knowledge of the rules, regulations, and current Laws that apply to the sport. In this age of advanced technology, Educational information is easily accessible, in the form of Rules & Requirements Handbooks, On-line Classes, On-location Classes, Maps, and Workshops throughout the State of Michigan, simply by visiting the DNR website at www.michigan.gov/dnr.


  • Make sure you have the proper Registration, Permits, Identification, and Certification (as required), and Permissions (as necessary)
  • Check your Equipment to be sure it is safe and reliable
  • Always wear your Life Jacket, Helmet & Goggles, Safety Apparel as required by the Sport
  • Be SAFE and TOLERANT of others, and HAVE A GOOD TIME!

2021 ORV Ordinance Map

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