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Some of our support services are manned by volunteer civilians. 

These folks give their time freely to assist us in our community based programs and help make them a success.


The victim’s services unit is a volunteer group of persons dedicated to helping all victims and survivors work through a crisis or crime against them. They are the “helping hands” of the Police, fire, and medical personnel. They free the department up to do their jobs without leaving the victim out in the cold or ignored. The object is to avoid further victimization. If you someday find yourself the victim of a crime and one of our Victims Services Unit personnel show up they are there to help you through your time of need. They will be wearing identification showing them as a member of the unit.


Triad is a program supported by volunteers to help the senior community keep from being victims of crime. The triad group travels to senior centers in the community to give information on current crimes and scams so that our residents don’t become victims.

What does Triad stand for?

Triad is not an acronym. It represents a group of three or the three sectors of a community that partner to keep older adults safe from crime: public safety, criminal justice, and the older adult community.

What is Triad’s purpose?

Triad has two objectives, to reduce crime against older adults, and to reduce the fear of crime that older adults often experience.

How does Triad accomplish its objectives?

Triad is the concept of partnering for the safety of older adults. Once a Triad is formed, a SALT Council is created, which is a group of community representatives who implement programs and activities to achieve the objectives.

How does the SALT Council work?

A SALT Council is a group of community representatives—similar to a PTA—who comes together to design and implement programs and activities intended to make older adults in the community safer. SALT stands for “seniors and Law Enforcement Together.”

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